We Get What It’s Like to Live Up Here.

We’re here to make the health insurance part not so hard.


People say we live the life where we are. And we mostly agree.

Unlimited sunshine, glorious outdoor opportunities 12 months a year (okay, month of May, we do have some feedback for you…). Just to start.

But if you live here full time, you know all about the hard parts, too. And health insurance is probably on that list.

When Summit County was given the dubious distinction of themost expensive healthcare premiums of any county in theVisit The Summit Foundation

US, some community leaders at The Summit Foundation noticed. They decided to do something about it.

Little did anyone know how big that something would become.

The initiative, created by The Summit Foundation (a non-profit in Breckenridge you’ve no doubt seen underwriting all kinds of good causes around our community), began by analyzing hard-to-find data about what we were truly paying for our care.

Okay, okay. We’ll spare you the details; they’re pretty dry. Let’s cut to the chase:

It was clear, through all that data analysis, that there were real savings to be had. Savings from negotiating directly with providers and carriers. And, with a little help from our legislature and Governor, Peak Health Alliance—now an independent 501(c)3—was formed.

We’re proud, humbled, and excited—all the feels— to be offering plans to individuals, families, small businesses and groups for 2020 through Bright Health and Rocky Mountain Health Plans; with a big lift from St. Anthony Summit Medical.

We are already expanding to other communities so we can gather together and save (watch this space!).

Peak Health Alliance isn’t an insurance company. We’re your friends and neighbors who leveraged the power of an entire community to build a health insurance purchasing alliance.

Well…that still sounds dry.

Let’s just say we’re here to save money on premiums, to improve coverage options, and to make those hard things we don’t always talk about just a little bit easier.

Click here to visit our FAQ page. See ya around!

—Your friends at Peak

Peak Health Alliance began as a special initiative of The Summit Foundation, a community foundation focused on resolving the issues that affect the quality of life in Summit County. 

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