Let’s Insure Your Business

No matter your organization’s needs, Peak has a health insurance solution to fit.

Group Plans

Some employers want a traditional group plan to choose from. We’re excited to offer a traditional group plan in partnership with Bright Health in 2022. 

Talk to your broker or click below to find one of our Peak Preferred Brokers. Check back soon for plan details and rates!  


ICHRA (Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement) offers the most cost-savings of all our products. Offer full, part-time, or seasonal employees the ability to shop for their own plans by reimbursing them tax-free in an amount you choose. You control costs, your team gets more flexibility.

Level-Funded Plans

Peak’s level-funded group plans are for groups with at least ten employees. Unlike level-funded offerings by other carriers in the market, employers have full ownership of any funds not spent in any given benefit year. Reach out to us to explore our level-funded product

Self-Funded Plans

Peak’s fully self-funded employer members use Peak’s lower negotiated rates to reduce their healthcare costs. We work with any TPA and any size self-funded group.

If you’d like to explore our solutions for self-funded employers, call us at 970 455 0381 or email us below.