COVID-19 and Your Coverage

Important information for 2020 Peak members during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Most importantly: If a member is feeling sick with symptoms related to the virus, we encourage them to contact their care provider by phone before going in. Please refer to the back of your insurance ID card for contact information.

Are you worried about affording health insurance due to changes in your job? Help may be available! Please call FIRC at 970-262-3888

Remember that you must be a current Peak Health member for the 2020 plan year. If you’ve just signed up for 2021 plans, please see your current insurance carrier through December 31.


2020 Plan Current Members:

Individuals/Bright Health

  • Non-emergency transportation will be made available to all members; ride limits for non-emergency transportation are waived*
  • 100% coverage for all telehealth costs incurred in connection with COVID-19 testing and diagnostics
  • 100% coverage with no member cost-sharing
  • No prior authorization required
  • Testing is covered regardless of network
  • Early medication refill authorization for members who are impacted by the outbreak
  • Have you or do you anticipate losing your job or income? You may qualify for premium subsidies if you purchased your plans on the exchange. Click here for more info.

To get further information from Bright on coronavirus and coverage, please visit their blog page.

*Transportation during Summit County’s emergency order may impact availability, please contact Bright about the latest status and options.


Small business / employee / Rocky Mtn. Health Plans

  • Special considerations have been made through State directives regarding your plans. If you’re a business owner or responsible for your group plans, please click here for more information.
  • Please consult the phone number on the back of your ID card for more information
  • Speak with your benefits advisor at your company
  • Please be aware Rocky Mtn. Health Plans will no longer be offered, and you will need to find a new plan. Please visit this page for more information.


Summit County and Statewide Information About COVID-19