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We’re excited to add Park County to our network for 2022. Open Enrollment begins November 1.

Get More Access. Better Coverage. And Pay Less.

As a member of Peak Health, you get ACA-compliant coverage, more local access, and features we think you’ll love. Open Enrollment begins November 1 for plans that will begin January 1, 2022.

  • Pre-existing conditions are covered
  • Options like unlimited primary care doctor visits and physical therapy with just a co-pay are available.
  • Preventive covered 100%, including annual checkups, flu shots, mammograms, etc.
  • Pediatric dental and vision coverage
  • Expanded mental health provider access with low or no-copay
  • Large network includes Centura Hospitals throughout Colorado and closer to home hospitals St. Anthony Summit Medical, St. Vincent Hospital, and Middle Park Health
  • Low-cost virtual visits: Convenient and innovative care with just a phone call or internet connection
  • Options such as unlimited primary care visits are available
  • You get access to Bright Member Rewards: Real cash benefits offered for easy things like visiting your doctor for a checkup, and more!

The Peak Health team evaluates several insurance carriers to find the best fit for our community. In all our regions for 2022, our carrier will be Bright HealthCare.

The fine print: These are only summaries of the full plans available and are subject to change without notice. Benefits may be subject to deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance, and other limitations. Please check your plan for full details. Visit for more.

Options We Love for 2021

  • The lowest premiums available in each of our 7 counties
  • On the Bronze tier, zero-dollar copays are available for mental health and primary care
  • Mental health access to substantially more providers, at low or no copay
  • Physical therapists with a copay
  • An incredibly low maximum out of pocket plan is available on the Silver tier
  • Copay options for things that would normally not be covered until you hit your deductible, such as MRIs, x-rays, and lab work

Are You a Peak Member?

Find a provider, learn more about setting up your health plan member hub, and more.

Get Covered: Quick Facts

  • Open Enrollment is the period you can sign up for plans. It begins November 1. Read below about other options.
  • Park County will be added for the 2022 plan year.
  • If your employer is offering you a plan called “ICHRA” that allows you to shop for a plan, speak to your manager about how and when to shop and enroll.
  • To get coverage outside of Open Enrollment (e.g. for 2021 plans), you must have a “qualifying event” to buy coverage. Learn more here.

2021 Plans in Grand, Lake, and Summit Include Popular Providers

  • Centura / High Country Healthcare
  • Rocky Mountain Family Practice
  • Sol Vista Health
  • Byers Peak Family Practice
  • Denver Health Winter Park & Alpine Clinics
  • Fraser Medical Clinic
  • Children’s Hospital
  • UC Health for tertiary care
  • Swan Mountain Women’s Clinic
  • Ebert-Santos
  • Summit Community Care Clinic
  • Axis Physical Therapy
  • Avalanche Physical Therapy
  • Many more!

Provider Summaries for Grand and Lake Counties

Welcome Grand and Lake County residents! Find a summary of provider facilities below. Looking for your specific doctor or practitioner? Chat with us below and we’ll confirm!

Grand & Lake County Providers


  • Children’s Hospital
  • University of Colorado Hospital
  • University of Colorado Medicine
  • Middle Park Health (all facilities)
  • St. Vincent Hospital
  • Centura Statewide

Non-Facility Providers

  • Byers Peak Family Practice
  • Denver Health Alpine Clinic Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Denver Health Winter Park Clinic
  • Fraser Medical Clinic
  • Mountainland Therapy and Associates
  • Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, Inc.
  • Rocky Mountain Family Practice
  • Sol Vista Health

Mental Health

  • Andrea Brown
  • Dianne Drake Foss
  • Kelly Norris
  • Kristyn Roe
  • Lisa Marie Ansell
  • Matthew Carlson
  • Shawn Dinkel

Why Choose Peak Health and Bright? The benefits.

Affordable Premiums AND Affordable Out of Pocket Costs

  • Our unique model brings deep rate reductions
  • Affordability beyond premiums – lower out of pocket costs for health care services you need
  • Flat-dollar copays on services outside of office visits: labs, xrays, MRIs
  • Extensive network of local providers in our communities, as well as Centura statewide health care system and other major hospitals for care

Virtual Care Access

  • Access to telehealth visits through Doctor on Demand
  • All telehealth services obtained in connection to COVID-19 testing and diagnosis are covered at no cost to the member
  • All other telehealth services align with the primary care or specialty care benefits on your specific plan

Pediatric Vision Coverage

  • Annual eye exam

  • One standard pair of glasses per year or one-year supply of contacts

  • You can select luxury items such as designer frames at an additional cost. Work with your vision provider to get full details.

100% Coverage for Wellness / Preventive Services

  • Children’s services, like age-appropriate well-child services
  • Vaccinations for members of all ages
  • Annual routine physicals
  • Preventive age-recommended screenings for all members, such as cancer screenings, mammograms, and pap smears

Enhanced Mental Health Coverage

  • Mental health is an important indicator of overall wellness
  • $0 copay for outpatient mental health visits on all non-HSA plans
  • Unlimited number of mental health visits
  • Expanded network of community mental health providers

Pediatric Dental Coverage

  • All plans: 2 cleanings per year; deductible and coinsurance apply to additional services

  • Diagnostic and preventive procedures

  • Basic restorative services

  • Extraction surgery

  • Endodontics

  • Medically necessary orthodontia and prosthodontics (for cleft lip and cleft palate treatment)

Get to know the “metal tiers” to better understand the differences between each level of health insurance.

Bronze Plans

If you want the lowest cost and don’t think you will need many healthcare services

  • Lowest monthly premium

  • Costs can be higher when you seek care depending on the plan you choose at this level and your medical needs

Silver Plans

Get the best balance between monthly premiums and out-of-pocket cost

  • Mid-range monthly premium

  • Mid-range cost when you get care, but can be more comprehensive than Gold in some instances

Gold Plans

You require regular medical care and don’t mind paying higher premiums for a lower out-of-pocket expense

  • Highest monthly premium

  • More costs are covered when you seek care

Now, let’s look at an overview of what’s included in the tiered exchange plans for 2021. Plans are carried by Bright Health

Metal TiersIND
Primary CareSpecialist CareUrgent CareEmergency RoomMental Health*Pharmaceutical
Peak Bronze 8550 Rx Copay$8,550$17,100$8,550$17,100$250%$750%$0$40
Peak Bronze 6500$6,500$13,000$8,550$17,100$2540%$7540%$0$35
Peak Bronze 6850 HSA$6,850$13,700$6,850$13,7000%0%0%0%0%0%
Peak Bronze $0 Medical Deductible$0 Med /
$4,950 Rx
$0 Med /
$9,900 Rx
Peak Bronze $0 Primary Care$7,200$14,400$8,550$17,100$050%$5050%$0$25
Peak Silver 5000 Rx Copay$5,000$10,000$8,150$16,300$25$75$75$750$0$25
Peak Silver 4600$4,600$9,200$8,550$17,100$1040%$7540%$0$10
Peak Silver $0 Deductible$0$0$8,550$17,100$30$60$50$750$0$30
Peak Silver $0 Primary Care$6,700$13,400$8,550$17,100$0$60$5040%$0$0
Peak Gold 3000 Rx Copay$3,000$6,000$8,150$16,3002 $0 Visits, $20 after$40$75$600$0$10
Peak Gold 1000$1,000$2,000$8,550$17,1002 $0 Visits, $20 after$40$50$500$0$15
Peak Catastrophic 3 $0 PCP Visits$8,550$17,100$8,550$17,1003 $0 Visits, then deductible0%0%0%0%0%

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