Should You Renew?

Your current carrier has sent you a renewal letter with what looks like a great price. Is it?

Why it Pays to Shop for Health Insurance in Summit County

This year, it will pay to shop around for health insurance in Summit County. 

If you had individual insurance in 2019, you’re likely going to hear from your carrier about renewing. Our rates are released by the State of Colorado in mid-October. But your current carrier can share rates now. It’s a little confusing.

Learn why we’re suggesting you wait before renewing your insurance for 2020.

If Your Letter is from Bright Health

If your letter is from Bright Health Plans, they will be carrying Peak Health Alliance plans for 2020. You will still need to sign up for their new plans as they will not auto-renew.

If Your Letter is from Another Carrier

if you’ve received a renewal letter from another carrier, they will ask you to lock in your rates for 2020.

While they are likely going to offer you lower premiums than what you’re paying now, if you’re still buying on the individual market we are confident you’ll find even lower rates with Peak Health, and plans that fit your needs just as well if not better.

If you received a notice from Kaiser Permanente, or you have their insurance currently, you will have to pick another plan, as Kaiser will be leaving Summit County at the end of the year.

You can click here to explore the benefits for Peak Health’s 2020 plans now, and start comparing rates on November 1.

Be Ready for Open Enrollment

You’ll have until December 15th to enroll for January 1 coverage, and upo until January 15th for coverage that begins February 1. 

Signing up is easy, and it’s just like you did last year. You have options. You can shop for plans through a broker, through a health navigator like FIRC, or through Connect for Health Colorado. We will provide links once enrollment begins.

Need a reminder? You can subscribe here to be alerted when plan enrollment begins and how to get signed up.

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Your 2019 Insurance Is Still in Effect

Be assured that, if you remain current on your premium payments for 2019, your current insurance is in effect through the end of the year. No need to worry.

Shopping Around is Smart

We think you’ll like what you see from Peak Health’s plans (from Bright), and we know the rates will be even better news. But you should decide for yourself and your family.

Insurance is complicated, we get it. Even if you end up staying with your current carrier, you’ll be glad you waited, and then compared their plans to ours.

Still have questions? Try our FAQ page, or click here to contact us.


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