Good Health Insurance Is Rewarding!

With health insurance from Peak Health, you get affordable plans with great benefits. Plus, you get access to real cash rewards from Bright Health. Get covered and start earning today!

Membership Rewards

Current members can register and get $200 instantly from Bright, then ongoing rewards for things like a checkup! Click here to start earning. Not yet a Peak member? There’s still time!

Great Plans for Coloradans

Peak plans were designed for locals, by locals. We got our start and are based in Summit County, so we know how you live. That’s why our plans cover things like physical therapy with just a copay!

The Lowest Premiums in 2021

We serve Summit, Grand, Lake, La Plata, Montezuma, Dolores, and San Juan Counties (Park will come for 2022!). In each county, Peak is the lowest premium available.

Can I Enroll for a Peak/Bright Plan?

Yes, Open Enrollment for January 1, 2022 coverage goes through December 15th, 2021. (For February 1 start, you will have through January 15th, 2022) Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, new subsidies makes it worth checking out premiums as most Coloradans can qualify for premium assistance through Connect for Health.


I Already Have Peak Health. Can I Earn Rewards?

Yes! Click here to visit your Member Hub at Bright Health. IF you haven’t signed up yet, grab your ID card and create your profile. You’ll see a link at the top called “Rewards” and you can start earning right away—up to $200 for things like selecting your primary care doctor. Plus more as you go!

What Is Peak Health?

Peak is a community-based, non-profit purchasing alliance. We negotiate on behalf of local communities to bring down prices for healthcare. We are based in Keystone, Colorado, and serve 7 counties across the Western Slope (Park County is coming for the 2022 plan year).


Who Is Bright Health?

Bright is our carrier for the 2021 and 2022 plan year. We work with carriers to make sure the plans they offer cover things we know are important to locals. We designed plans to include lots of great options like unlimited primary care doctor visits, physical therapy with just a copay, and zero-dollar deductibles. 

And with Bright Member Rewards, our members can access a cash rewards program that earns you real cash. Earn up to $200 just getting set up, then more as you go!

Who Can Enroll?

If you live in any of our 7 counties, you can enroll! We’ll be adding Park for 2022’s plan year, too. 

If you own a business, your employees can benefit from an ICHRA plan that allows your staff to enroll in Peak plans. Learn more about an ICHRA here.


Is Peak Real Health Insurance?

We’re glad you asked! 

The answer is YES.

Unlike sharing ministries or other non-compliant “health insurance”, Peak plans are comprehensive, ACA-compliant (“Obamacare”) plans, and include the benefits you’d find by shopping at the state marketplace, where our plans are available. That means pre-existing conditions are covered, and preventative services are included.


I Already Have Health Insurance!

It’s worth shopping and comparing, because you CAN CHANGE your health insurance until August 15th for the 2021 plan year.

Why? With increased subsidies and tax credits, Coloradans who update their plans are saving on average 49%. So why wait? Click and compare today.


I Have Questions!

Get in touch with us! You can chat with us on this page down below, or give us a call at 970 455 0381.

If you need help shopping, you can talk to your broker, or visit Connect for Health, the state marketplace.