Nonprofits Partner to Bring Budget-Friendly Health Insurance to Nine Colorado Counties

Oct 4, 2023

Contact: Anne Ladd
CEO – Peak Health Alliance
PO Box 3822
Dillon, CO  80435
Cell 307-262-2550
Office 970-455-0381 Ext 102

Nonprofits Partner to Bring Budget-Friendly Health Insurance to Nine Colorado Counties: Archuleta, Dolores, Grand, Lake, La Plata, Montezuma, Park, San Juan, Summit 

The nonprofit Peak Health Alliance has partnered with Elevate Health Plans by Denver Health Medical Plan to bring budget-friendly health insurance coverage to nine rural mountain counties in Colorado starting Jan. 1.

The open enrollment period to sign up for coverage begins on Nov. 1. Elevate Health Plans are compliant with the Affordable Care Act and the Colorado Option and can be purchased through Connect for Health Colorado or directly through Elevate Health Plans.

The plans will be available in Archuleta, Dolores, Grand, Lake, La Plata, Montezuma, Park, San Juan, and Summit counties at premium costs 5-10% lower than other plans based on preliminary rate filings.

As an advocate for affordable coverage in the community, Peak Health Alliance negotiates with healthcare leaders and medical practitioners while building better access to both medical and mental health care through local doctor networks.

Because both Peak Health Alliance and Elevate Health Plans are not-for-profit organizations, they do not have private shareholders and can focus on their missions.

“Peak Health Alliance and Elevate Health Plans can confidently support Colorado’s rural and mountain communities to reduce healthcare costs and improve access to quality local care,” said Anne Ladd, CEO of Peak Health Alliance. “With a well-established not-for-profit partner in Elevate Health Plans, we are excited to  offer budget-friendly health coverage to residents of these nine counties.”

Elevate Health Plans offers Bronze, Silver, and Gold Colorado Option Plans to individuals and families who buy their own insurance. These plans are also available to businesses who elect to use an ICHRA (Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement) for employee coverage, which are employer-funded, tax-advantaged health benefits that allow employees to choose their own health plan while the employer covers some or all of the premium cost(s). Elevate Health Plans is owned by Denver Medical Health Plan, which has a quarter-century legacy of providing quality and affordable health care in Colorado.

The partnership between Peak Health Alliance and Elevate Health Plans has built a robust network of providers with comprehensive coverage, including:

  • $0 preventative care services
  • $0 to low-cost primary care visits
  • $0 to low-cost mental health outpatient visits
  • Local in-network providers, including specialists, primary care doctors, and mental health providers.

Consumers can shop for health insurance plans starting Nov. 1, 2023, through Jan. 15, 2024. For coverage to begin on Jan. 1, individuals will need to select a plan by Dec. 31.

Peak Health Alliance was formed in 2019 in Summit County when that county had some of the most expensive health premiums in the country. In the first three years of operations, Peak Health Alliance saved community members in eight rural mountain counties more than $16.1 million.

Those savings were achieved by analyzing health insurance claims data and other publicly available health care cost data pertinent to the communities Peak Health Alliance serves.  This analysis becomes the starting point for conversations between the community and local hospitals, medical professionals, and insurance carriers.