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Peak Health Alliance!

We’re thrilled to be helping thousands of Coloradans save money on health insurance.

Peak Health Alliance brings affordable health insurance coverage and increased access to medical services in the communities we serve. We are Colorado’s only locally-led health insurance purchasing alliance.

Do you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period?

Open Enrollment may be over, but you can still enroll in our plans if you qualify for a special enrollment period.

We strive to bring affordable health insurance to individuals and businesses in rural Colorado. The key to our success is a collaborative approach that includes local leaders and local healthcare practitioners to develop innovative solutions.

Peak Health Alliance organizes and advocates on behalf of our communities, elevating the power of individuals by speaking with a unified voice. Representing you in negotiations with healthcare leaders and medical practitioners, we build a provider network that best meets your healthcare needs.

Peak Health Alliance is a nonprofit community advocate, not a health insurance company. We currently serve members in nine Colorado counties, bringing the most affordable health insurance rates and the most comprehensive provider network possible to our communities.


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