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Peak Health Alliance is Colorado’s locally-led health insurance purchasing alliance. We’re bringing more access and more affordable coverage to communities across the state.

Peak Health Alliance is a nonprofit that works with local health care providers and community leaders to bring affordable health insurance options to communities across Colorado.

Important Update for Peak Health Alliance Communities:

Peak Health Alliance Announces New Carrier Partner

Keystone, CO — Peak Health Alliance announced the choice of Denver Health Medical Plan (DHMP) to be its new insurance carrier. Working together, the two organizations will offer individual health insurance plans using the name Elevate Health Plans beginning January 1, 2024. All Elevate Health Plans will be compliant with the Affordable Care Act and Colorado Option.

“We are thrilled to be back and back even better,” said Anne Ladd, Peak CEO. “We are eager to begin working with a well-known, well-respected, and highly trusted Colorado-based partner like Denver Health Medical Plan. They have a solid history in Colorado, and they are the only carrier that fully complied with the Colorado Option premium savings targets in the markets they serve this year. We believe that speaks volumes about their commitment and aligns with Peak’s values and vision.”

Peak Health Alliance is focused on bringing affordable health insurance to mountain and rural communities of Colorado. The nonprofit organization works with local community leaders, hospitals, physicians, brokers, and the insurance carrier to ensure these areas have access to affordable, quality care.

“As advocates for access to affordable, high-quality health care in rural Colorado, we rely on relationships with local providers who want to see their neighbors get good care at sustainable prices,” said Don Dankner, Peak Health Alliance board chair. “We are excited that Denver Health Medical Plan is joining us in the effort to meet the health insurance needs of the communities we serve. We want our Elevate Health Plans to result in a win for all and we are optimistic about the long-term prospects for this new partnership.”

“The two organizations fit together well,” said Greg McCarthy, DHMP CEO. “Both Peak Health Alliance and DHMP were built by and for the community. We are thrilled for the opportunity to bring affordable, high-quality care to the region.”

Organized by community leaders in Summit County, Colorado, and working in collaboration with the local provider community, Peak Health Alliance offered its first plans in 2020 at rates 38% below those previously available. That success prompted civic and business leaders in Grand, Lake, Park, Dolores, La Plata, Montezuma and San Juan counties to work with Peak to replicate their data analytics and community organizing to deliver similar results.

“Peak Health Alliance will continue to be a strong advocate for our members and providers,” said Ladd.

“We have a real opportunity to make a difference in the health of residents in our rural communities.”

DHMP brings years of experience and has proven its commitment to operational excellence. With more than 130,000 members in Colorado, DHMP offers a diverse scope of services and plans that accommodate preventive, standard, emergent and urgent care needs, which also include access to mental and behavioral health benefits.

“It’s coverage that is based on ‘whole person care,’” said McCarthy. “We do that collaboratively, so our members become an active part of the health and wellness process.”

Peak Health Alliance and DHMP will roll out the new Elevate Health Plans during the annual Open Enrollment Period starting in November. More information about the plans will be available later this year.