Health Insurance for Individuals and Families

Open enrollment for 2024 coverage is over, but you can still enroll if you qualify for a special enrollment period. We will be offering plans for 2025 beginning November 1, 2024.

Peak Health Alliance, in partnership with Elevate Health Plans, will offer Bronze, Silver, and Gold Colorado Option Plans as well as a Bronze HSA to individuals and families who buy their own insurance.

Plan Highlights

  • $0 preventive care services
  • $0 primary care visits
  • $0 mental health outpatient visits
  • Local in-network providers, including specialists, primary care doctors, and mental health providers.
Free Preventive Services

Health plans sponsored by Peak are 100% compliant with the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), which means they cover you and your family for preventive, age-recommended cancer screenings such as mammograms, pap smears, and colonoscopies. They also include vaccinations and annual routine physicals. And pre-existing conditions are always included.

Free Unlimited Mental Health Coverage

Get an unlimited number of outpatient mental health therapy visits with $0 copay on all Peak Health Alliance non-HSA plans.

Benefit Design

  Bronze High Deductible HSA CO Option Bronze CO Option Silver CO Option Gold








$100 – $4,750**

$200 – $9,500**



Out-of-pocket Max







$1,100 – $9,450**

$2,200 – 18,900**



Preventive Care No charge No charge No charge No charge
Primary Care

50% coinsurance after deductible*

No charge for 3 visits, then $50 copay after deductible

No charge

No charge

Specialist Office Visit 50% coinsurance after deductible* $40 – $80 copay $50 copay
Behavioral Health Office Visit No charge No charge No charge
Inpatient Hospital Stay

50% coinsurance after deductible*

20% – 40% coinsurance after deductible* 30% coinsurance after deductible*
Emergency Care
Urgent Care $40 – $80 copay $50 copay
Tier 1 (Preventive) $0 copay $0 copay $0 copay $0 copay
Tier 2 (Generic)

50% coinsurance after deductible*

$30 copay $0 – $20 copay** $10 copay

Tier 3
(Preferred Brand)

$200 copay $20 – $125 copay** $50 copay

Tier 4

$350 copay $40 – $300 copay** $200 copay

Tier 5

$700 copay $60 – $650 copay** $600 copay

*Coinsurance is the amount you pay for healthcare services after you meet your deductible and is capped at the out-of-pocket maximum.

**Copays and deductibles for the CO Option Silver plan vary based on whether you qualify for “cost-sharing reductions,” which are based on household income-level. Ask your broker or visit Connect for Health Colorado to see if you qualify.

Bronze HDHP HSA CO Option Bronze CO Option Silver (direct through Elevate) CO Option Silver (on-exchange)* CO Option Gold

30 year old






40 year old






50 year old






60 year old






Premiums are based on age and whether you use tobacco products. These premiums shown above are for non-smokers and are rounded to the nearest dollar.

*Silver plans purchased “on-exchange,” which means through the Connect for Health Colorado, are more expensive than if they are purchased directly through the insurance carrier. This is due to how financial assistance is calculated. If you do not qualify for financial assistance, you can save money on Silver plans by purchasing directly through Elevate Health Plans.

How do I sign up?

There are several options:

Please note: If you are seeking financial assistance or tax credits, you must sign up through Connect for Health Colorado.